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1938 RCA 96T Radio

I finally received my vintage radio today. I had purchased it as a "non-working" radio and really only wanted the wood case for one of my other projects which I will talk about later when I get it completed. Anyhow, I couldn't resist looking through all the amazing components and it wasn't long before I started wondering how such a fantastically built radio could be broken... The tubes looked good and it wasn't until I pulled them out to clean them up that I noticed a loose wire which was easily fixed. Well, after an hour and half, I've got the old radio working! I never planned on refurbishing it, now I am thinking twice. It's an all-American, beautiful piece of history and I almost feel drawn to bringing her back to her full potential....more to come....


Paracord Dog Collars

Man's best friend is a saying that couldn't be any truer than it is in my house! Recently, Rox, the monarch of our pack had bladder surgery to remove some stones. Poor dear has had a rough time recovering so I thought I'd try to cheer him up with a new paracord dog collar. These collars, also known as soloman's bars have been on my learning radar for some time now and I could learn how to make these while cheering up my boy Rox, let's do it!

I actually made two and should finish up the last tomorrow. Can't leave out the other dogs after all..I've attached a few pictures at the bottom of this post of the finished product, solid blue and a two-tone, which I really liked!

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.38 Special Reloads

.38 Special Brass, Deprimed and trimmed.Well, this weekend I had planned on knocking out some 12GA shot-shells but found that I had failed to restock my shot, oh well. Our local Sportsman's Warehouse reopened and while I was there this weekend, I picked up some Hornady Critical Defense for my .38 special. The ammo has fantastic reviews and even better specs but at $23 for 20 rounds, I decided it was time to sit down and build myself a equally fantastic self-defense load. I've triple checked the cases, length, thickness, pocket uniformity, etc. Ready to start working up some loads this week!


A new look for my blog…

Well, I've decided to update my blog and migrate away from my existing blog software, b2evolution to WordPress. I just think WordPress is easier to use and has a much larger user base which means more frequent updates and better plug-ins, themes, etc. I've imported all my old post but will have to go through them and clean up the issues from the import so the site will be wonky for a few days...