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Homesteading, here I come!

My wife and I purchased a new home back in June of 2015 and were blessed enough to get a wonderful home (that needed some serious love) and an acre of land in a corner lot surrounded by horse farms…. Continue Reading →

It’s offical, I got my extra license!

So back in September I decided I was going to work to get my extra ham radio license by Jan 1, 2016. I was motivated by the fact that I had been a technician class operator for nearly 6 years… Continue Reading →

It’s offical, I got my general license!

I’m a amateur radio operator and it’s been some time since I got licensed but I finally took the time to study and got my general license, opening up a¬†whole new world as far as amateur radio goes. I’m already… Continue Reading →

Respect builds trust and trust builds teams.

I coined an original that was worth documented I felt. I often find that I use quotes from other that I admire when talking with teams or co-workers and the other day this rolled off my tongue. I can honestly… Continue Reading →

Tactial Simplex Repeater For 2M HAM Radio Operators

Being a technology geek for me doesn’t stop at writing code or hacking gadgets, it extends to even communications and specifically RF (Radio Frequencies). I’m a licensed HAM radio opeartor and have been for some time now. It’s true that… Continue Reading →

Find Inspiration…

Fantastic LEGO commercial and as a father of two I can only hope my children learn the love of learning… biggest fear is to raise childern who can’t think for themselves and have no love for learning. Thanks for creating… Continue Reading →

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