Lifelong Learning Knowledge should be uncompromisingly sought after and freely given away.


Organizational Development anyone…

OD is something more companies in America should focus on...let's remove our love-affair with stockholder pipe dreams for double-digit quarterly growth and realize true corporate value comes from valuing true corporate health, which often should involve trustworthy external assistance. Some timeless OD pearls of wisdom:

"The more immature a group is, the more outside guidance it must obtain to reach its maximum effectiveness."

B. Baxter & R Cassidy "Group Experience: The democratic way."


"...If the individual is the product of excessive, unskillful, or otherwise damaging control, or has received atypical ethical or religious training, or is subject to extreme deprivations, or has received powerful economic reinforcements for asocial behavior, no acceptable solution may be available "within himself."

B.F. Skinner "Science and human behavior"


" is highly unlikely that the new manager, whatever his personality characteristics may have been, would have been able to exercise authority over his subordinates as he did if the basic pattern of "pressure" from the division persisted. A change in the external situation allowed the new manager to perform the new role he did."

R. H. Guest "Organization change: The effect of successful leadership"



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Fitting TED talk for my blog and quite an amazing presentation.

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Homesteading, here I come!


My wife and I purchased a new home back in June of 2015 and were blessed enough to get a wonderful home (that needed some serious love) and an acre of land in a corner lot surrounded by horse farms. It's an amazing home, mostly because my wife has made it such, but we hadn't really leveraged the outdoors too much. Well, that's all going to change as soon as spring hits. We have big plans for making the most of the land we have been blessed with and I'm excited for the inevitable journey it will become. Go over to and follow our journey.

I put this blog together to capture all the things I've tried, learned and failed at so that my children could someday learn even more about who their father was and how life is really about living, loving and learning.

My wife and I are going to share our homesteading journey but didn't want to individually blog about it on our personal blogs, so I set up a new site just for our homesteading journey. A site that friends, family and the occasional internet wanderer could read, perhaps enjoy and most importantly learn from.

My mantra is: "Knowledge should be uncompromisingly sought after and freely given away."



It’s offical, I got my extra license!

So back in September I decided I was going to work to get my extra ham radio license by Jan 1, 2016. I was motivated by the fact that I had been a technician class operator for nearly 6 years and never completed the journey. I wanted my extra class license and I wanted it before January so I set out to accomplish that goal. The  satisfaction of setting a goal and accomplishing it (one that requires effort) is so incredibly fulfilling! I'm hopeful I can teach this sense of drive to accomplish your goals to my children, that would be one of my life's greatest accomplishments.


It’s offical, I got my general license!


I'm a amateur radio operator and it's been some time since I got licensed but I finally took the time to study and got my general license, opening up a whole new world as far as amateur radio goes. I'm already on the air and can't wait to make my first DX contact. I'm updating my makeshift shack and antenna setup this week with a new LNR quad band end-fed dipole and with any luck I'll have my Kenwood TS-570D all set up and ready to roll by Friday evening...even with all I've learned by studying I would still be swamped with more questions than answers if it wasn't for my great friends and fellow operators! Thanks guys!

P.S. I'm taking my extra exam on in early December, wish me luck!


Respect builds trust and trust builds teams.

I coined an original that was worth documented I felt. I often find that I use quotes from other that I admire when talking with teams or co-workers and the other day this rolled off my tongue. I can honestly say it's the only time in my life that something I said was worth documented as it’s so simplistic and powerful.

For some background, I was talking to co-workers in a meeting about Tuckman's stages of group development and jokingly suggested a shortcut to understanding team building dynamics was "Respect builds trust and trust builds teams." There, I said it, and now let it forever be documented that I had an original that somebody might find good enough to quote me on...(crossing my fingers).

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