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Great read for battery powered projects!

I’ve had many a project lately that needed to use batteries rather than being powered from the mains. I’ve been reading lots lately about saving power in AVR chips and general concepts for power conservation in my projects. It’s made… Continue Reading →

ATTiny13A Powered Jack-O-Lantern

So I was waiting for this time of year when I first built my “Fake-fire LED” boards last year and now it’s finally here! I’ve been running this jack-o-lantern for about 20 days now (this board is running off 3xAA… Continue Reading →

IKEA Lampan RGB LED Light

A few months ago, I saw this blog and video. The gentlemen had hacked a Lampan light from IKEA with LEDs, I was immediately enamored with the idea of building it and giving a few of them to my young… Continue Reading →

Nursery Room Temperature Monitor

Let me start by saying I found out a few weeks ago that I’m going to be a father. This is my first child and as you can imagine I’m filled with excitement and nervous energy. Both my wife and I both agreed that we wouldn’t start actual preparations for the coming baby until the 12th week to ensure all was well (1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage). I just couldn’t sit still and wait, I started reading about what to expect, how to care for a newborn, and so forth.

It was while I was reading about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) that I saw a few articles discussing the proper temperature for a nursery to help prevent the SIDS. The articles all agreed that cooler was better, ideally between 64 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally Got My FakeFire LED PCB Boards Done

A while back I wrote about a neat project that I had read about where a couple of LEDs and an ATTINY13 had been used to simulate the flicker flame of a candle or fire. I built a prototype and… Continue Reading →

My Ice Tube Clock from Adafruit Industries

image curtesy of Adafruit Industries I’ve always loved when things old and new come together to form something new and interesting. I think that’s the best way to describe my new Ice Tube clock from Adafruit Industries. They’ve managed to… Continue Reading →

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