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DSC Alarm + Envisalink3 + DSCServer + SONOS = Alarm Announcements!

Long title and a large degree of entropy? Nah! This is a system that was built in layers but the components are largely used and fairly niche in their use. I’ve just decided that I’d use them to provide something… Continue Reading →

blink(1) mk2 for the win…

Last week I finally received my two new shiny blink(1) mk2 USB RGB “things”; these were rewards for helping fund the KickStarter project from ThingM. The mk2 is the second generation and even cooler version of thier RGB blink(1) devices…. Continue Reading →

I <3 Raspberry Pi

I finally got my shipment of Raspberry Pis today and I am stoked! I didn’t pay the crazy prices on eBay and so I now have a $36 computer. I’ve allocated both of my PIs as XBMC boxes to power… Continue Reading →

Why did I wait so long to toast my boards?

I’ve recently redesigned my Retro WiFi Radio project to include some “extra” functionality and the design requirements required some tiny spacing of the components in addition to some tiny SMD parts. While I’m all for hand soldering SMD when needed,… Continue Reading →

Homemade Blinky Christmas Ornaments

Last year I decided to jazz up our family Christmas cards with LED power, inspired by this article. While I was totally happy with the cards I sent out, I was wanting something a bit more this year so I’ve decided… Continue Reading →

IKEA Lampan RGB LED Light

A few months ago, I saw this blog and video. The gentlemen had hacked a Lampan light from IKEA with LEDs, I was immediately enamored with the idea of building it and giving a few of them to my young… Continue Reading →

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