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Lockheed Martin’s MKV kicks major butt!

If you haven't seen this thing yet, you gotta check it out. Check out the video, this is for real...



Building your own PCBs

I ran across this article while shopping at They outline sPCB layoutome very good tips for eliminating quality issues with the boards you submit to the fab houses. If you use Eagle to build your boards, I strongly suggest you utilize their DRC and CAM files to get yourself started in the right direction. These guys have added so much to the community it's amazing.

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The wonderous Arduino board…

Arduino Board

A few weeks back my wife decided to send me a link at work with some DIY doggie stairs project. A subtle sugestion I think to get me to add this to my list of DIY all honesty I figured this was just the project to get my mind of the madness of work. Besides, it would allow me to fire up my lovely collection of power tools, I decided right then to move this project to the top of my list. I headed out to Google to research (as I do with all my projects). After a few hours reading through the numerous DIY doggie stairs projects I found one here that I thought I'd use as the framework for my project.

You'll quickly see why I chose this one to base my project off of. It involved electronics! I very quickly dismissed the idea of using the motion dector he used, too bulky, too hack-n-slash and not challenging enough for me. I decided to go about building it from scratch. This is when I got re-introduced to the Wonderous Arudino Board.

I say re-introduced as I had read about these a few months earlier but was far too pre-occupied with one of my other hobbies (metallic reloading). These things are amazing, I've opened up a whole universe of learning with this one...

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