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The wonderous Arduino board…

Arduino Board

A few weeks back my wife decided to send me a link at work with some DIY doggie stairs project. A subtle sugestion I think to get me to add this to my list of DIY all honesty I figured this was just the project to get my mind of the madness of work. Besides, it would allow me to fire up my lovely collection of power tools, I decided right then to move this project to the top of my list. I headed out to Google to research (as I do with all my projects). After a few hours reading through the numerous DIY doggie stairs projects I found one here that I thought I'd use as the framework for my project.

You'll quickly see why I chose this one to base my project off of. It involved electronics! I very quickly dismissed the idea of using the motion dector he used, too bulky, too hack-n-slash and not challenging enough for me. I decided to go about building it from scratch. This is when I got re-introduced to the Wonderous Arudino Board.

I say re-introduced as I had read about these a few months earlier but was far too pre-occupied with one of my other hobbies (metallic reloading). These things are amazing, I've opened up a whole universe of learning with this one...

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  1. Very nice. I’m been working with Arduino for a few weeks. Building up to doing some projects with my 7-year old daughter. She’s currently doing some Snap Circuit projects as an introduction.

    Love the soaps, too. Wish I had more time… have to make some, I guess… got a project for making time?

    Many thanks for the excellent blog.

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