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Adafruit’s Ask an Engineer…

    Image curtesy of I stopped in last night to the live streamming “Ask an Engineer” over at the website. I was quite surprised with the good questions and insight into the industry. Found out that I can’t… Continue Reading →

A Borax Snowflake?

  My wife found a fantastic article on Craftzine showing how to make a neat borax snowfake. She took some of my pipe cleaners and made a small snowflake which will soak in the borax solution overnight, the end result being… Continue Reading →

Finally Got My FakeFire LED PCB Boards Done

A while back I wrote about a neat project that I had read about where a couple of LEDs and an ATTINY13 had been used to simulate the flicker flame of a candle or fire. I built a prototype and… Continue Reading →

Almond Biscotti Cold Process Soap

I picked up some new fragrance from Brambleberry for the Holidays as my wife and I will be giving away some soap for the holidays. One of the fragrances I was most excited to try was Almond Biscotti, I thought it… Continue Reading →

My Ice Tube Clock from Adafruit Industries

image curtesy of Adafruit Industries I’ve always loved when things old and new come together to form something new and interesting. I think that’s the best way to describe my new Ice Tube clock from Adafruit Industries. They’ve managed to… Continue Reading →

My New Maker’s Notebook

I have been looking for a good quality notebook for some time now and finally decided I’d try this one. It’s the Maker’s Notebook found here. So far, I’m really impressed with it. Very good quality, lots of pages for… Continue Reading →

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