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Communicating With Ardunio Using Micrsoft .NET (C#)

Being a .Net developer, I figured I needed to know how to get my applications to talk to the Ardunio board via the USB serial port. Took a few hours to get the Ardunio code working, but here is the… Continue Reading →

Learning To Count Again..

I decide to stop by Radio Shack and pick up a seven segment LED (RHDP) so I could learn to use it with my Arduino board. I had actually ordered a few from Jameco but I had a couple of… Continue Reading →

The wonderous Arduino board…

A few weeks back my wife decided to send me a link at work with some DIY doggie stairs project. A subtle sugestion I think to get me to add this to my list of DIY pojects…in all honesty I… Continue Reading →

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