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Using EEPROM Chips…

I’ve been spending time researching options for additional memory capacity for an embedded AVR project and found that there are many storage options available. My problem is that I wanted to consume as few I/O pins as possible as my… Continue Reading →

Using the Maxim7219 with Arduino

A few weeks ago I setup my Arduino to power a simple single digit 7 segment LED array. It took lots of pins from the Arduino (one per segment) to power it. Nice simple setup but I knew it would… Continue Reading →

The Hall Effect…

I got an order in from Jameco yesterday and inside found a long awaited sensor! I had ordered a couple of the Allegro linear hall effect sensors. These are different than the others I purchased from, they are not… Continue Reading →

Controlling a servo with a TV remote using Arduino!

I decided today after I got home from work, I’d try to get my next quick project done. I wanted to control a hobby servo using a standard TV remote. I had a RadioShack IR receiver (Part No. 276-640) already… Continue Reading →

Digital Temperature with the Arduino

I was waiting on an order I had placed with Tayda Electronics (they rock) for my One-Wire temperature sensors. If you haven’t heard of One-Wire or these particular sensors¬†you need to check them out. They are made by Dallas Semiconductors… Continue Reading →

Sound Detection With The Arduino

I decided on Saturday that I’d try my hand at building a setup with the Arduino to detect sound. I found the perfect schematic online here¬†from the guys over at They have a really nice breakout board for an… Continue Reading →

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