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Using EEPROM Chips…

I've been spending time researching options for additional memory capacity for an embedded AVR project and found that there are many storage optionsUsing EEPROMs available. My problem is that I wanted to consume as few I/O pins as possible as my project was already using most of the pins on my AVR. This is when I decided I would try out a few of the 24LC256 chips from The great things about these chips is that you can put 8 of them on the same bus (2 pins from the AVR). I just wired up a quick demo using two of them and put together a sketch to read and write from both. You can check out more example code here on the Arduino playground. I've included a demo sketch, high-res pictures as well. I think Fritzing is going to add lots of value to the community as I'll be included schematics from thier software in future postings.

EEProm Example
Title: EEProm (1545 clicks)
Caption: EEProm Example
Size: 2 MB

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