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Homemade Liquid Soap

Making Homemade Liquid SoapI finally got around to trying my hand at making my own liquid soap. It's something that I was intrested in since Natalie and I started making cold process bar soap. Funny thing is we never realized that so many people (men and women) have moved away from bar soap in the shower in favor of the shower loofah! I actually prefer using bar soap, perhaps because I'm bias, but I never liked the old washcloth solution either, plain old bar soap! Anyhow, with the tred of using shower gel I decided I needed to learn how it was made. Homemade liquid soap was my first step, more for washing your hands than shower gel but I figured it I could master liquid soap, shower gel would be a no-brainer. I think given the time investment (~6 hours), I'll be making larger batches, but the first batch turned out perfect. Natalie thought I should break up the batch into three scents, so that's why there are three mason jars full. We did Island Coconut (yellow), Tea Tree Oil and Lavendar (green) and China Rain (purple). We picked up some soap despensers from Hobby Lobby (which Natalie hates). More pictures in the attached ZIP file.

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