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MAX7219 LED Driver With Arduino

Using MAX7219 with Arduino

 I am working on a larger projected and have decided the Arduino ATMEGA328 (which seem to be hard to find in stock online) would be the best choice for the project. Seeing as how the project is going to utilize 7-Segment multi-digit displays (common cathode), I knew I had to find a LED driver, no other realistic way to drive the displays. Anyhow, I picked up some LED drivers from one of my favorite companies, MAXIM. I chose the MAX7219 as it's well documented and works with the existing LED driver Arduino library. This prototype was to ensure I had everything working as I would have expected. In this prototype, I utilized a fixed Rset value. I'll use a trim pot in my other project (which I'll write up next weekend). If you have any questions on wiring up one of these LED drivers with Arduino, check this site out and this one.

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