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New WiFly Shield Library (fork)

Update: This board design and firmware were just far too buggy. I was very excited to see the Arduino team had answered everyone's request with a WiFi shield and it rocks.


Just wanted to let folks know that I've forked the alpha 2 library for the WiFly shield to add support for the latest firmware (which happens to fix lots of bugs) but it breaks the library. Sparkfun's WiFly Arduino ShieldI've also added additional functions as well as enabling the NTP server sync for the on board RTC chip. You can find my fork of the library here:





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  1. Hej

    I have checked out your fork but I have read in a forum comment that the server part is till broken if you update this? Have you worked to update the server part? Or is this TODO? Can you tell what is broken perhaps I can assist.

  2. Yep, the server side code appears to still be quite poorly implemented. I actually decided to drop this board and the buggy firmware and moved to the Arduino WifiSheld. Much better design anyhow.

  3. Aha! But that card do not have any external antenna?

    I managed to get the server part working, by setting lot of options by hand, (auto reboot of wifly helps sort things out) so I have some sort of working sketch. But the server part is very slow and buggy.

  4. Yes, they sadly didn’t allow for an external antenna. I found that within the scope of my needs, an external antenna wasn’t a big deal but I wish they wouldn’t have omitted that option for people.

    LOL, the auto reboot, I was thinking I would ultimately have to do the same thing but never got around to it. I’m really disappointed in SparkFun with this breakout board and firmware. I actually worked with the RovingNetworks support staff to iron out questions I had about the library, they were super helpful.

  5. Yup I understand that the chip has support for external antenna so it would not be so hard to add a connector for it.

    Yes sparkfun really suck with this board and the library I have also been in contact with Roving and they help med with some settings.

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