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A change of scenery…

Fork in the roadIt's been some time since my last blog posting. It's been a crazy time lately in my personal and work life. After nearly 10 years working for the same company I put in my notice of resignation yesterday. I decided it was time to move out of corporate America and into a small private company. While no job is perfect I honestly feel this is a better fit for myself and my family. I'm excited about the new road ahead and can't wait to resharpen my technical skills full-time. While excited, I'm a bit be expected, I suppose.

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  1. While change can be very difficult, it most often results in positive growth and both personal & private successes. I am sure that you gave the decision the same mental prowess that you exhibit in your posts. Good luck. I suspect the new company is understands how very lucky they are to have a man of your obvious talents on board.

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